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      The DocksLocks surfboard Security System is a Stand Up Paddle and surf board lock. It secures your surfboard, Stand Up Paddle or wakeboard, deterring theft and freeing your mind. The DocksLocks surfboard Security System provides benefits to surfboard and paddleboard owners similar to the benefits a bicycle lock provides the owner of a bicycle. Protect your Surfboard from theft...lock it with DocksLocks!
       Stand Up Paddle Board and Surfboard Locks - SUP and Surf board Lock Devices
Complete system for locking  your surfboard or stand up paddle board, to roof racks, or any stationary object 
Paddleboard Accessories to help you lock multiple surfboards or SUPs
Surf and Stand-up Paddle Boards

SUP locks

Must Have:By Kevin Pack
​This is one of those inventions you wish you had come up with yourself. It's very secure and simple. Protecting a $1000 SUP with a $30 lock is a no brainer. 

Product works great:By Faceoff4v
I use this to lock my surfboard in my truck as I often go surfing at lunch time or first thing in the morning and keep my board with me throughout the day. The key fits perfect over the leash slot in the board and the functionality works great. I am not a huge fan of the self coiling wire, but that is more my preference. The 10 foot cable is plenty of space and the product is easy to use and great for the price point.​

Works just like it reads. I love it.​:  By Magdalena Benitez
Works like they said it would...I love it. I lock my SUP board up when I am finished on the water, but not finished being on the beach. My only recommendation is to give an option for a thicker longer cable, and a double lock option. Think of it as a "Y" to get more protection.​

Paddleboard lock​: By Vicki
Love it! Easy to use and still secure! Simple to set the new code, and long enough to go around dock post and board.​​
Fantastic​: By Mikaele
This is a great product! I have three of them for my standup paddle boards. I use them to protect my boards at home, on my car and then we spend a day at the beach. Yes they now steal these boards right off the beach!​

Great when carrying a second or third board​​: By ncpt007
Overall, this is a great product. It is easy to use and it deters folks from stealing the boards. We use these when we are going to go have a bite to eat after paddling or when we are going on a longer distance drive to paddle. It is better to have these around because most criminals would not bother trying to steal boards that are locked up.​

​​Works perfectly: By Girl on a board
I bought this lock a year ago and have been completely happy with it. I use it on my paddleboard with a bike cable from REI and a small lock. It is tight and secure. I like it so much that I am buying another as a gift to a fellow paddleboarder who admired mine.​
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